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Way To Go! inc. is a boutique coaching firm, where we customize our offerings to meet your unique challenges, circumstances and culture.

Can you relate to any of these:

  • Are you or your team burned out?

  • Is stress impacting your well being?

  • Is your team wrought with conflict?

  • Are you dealing with a difficult person?

  • Are you fighting silos in your organization?

  • Are you spending all your time putting out fires?

  • Is it hard to set priorities?

  • Is the team not united?

  • Is it hard to stay positive and encouraging?

  • Do you delegate and not get what you want in the time you want it?

The Way To Go team can help! Just click below to tell us a little about your challenges and to schedule an exploratory conversation.


For the first time ever, we are launching our signature program, Leader as Coach Mastery Program, as a 3 month virtual program, making it more accessible. It is an open enrollment, which means it will consist of people across various organizations, all committed to achieve better results while inspiring and empowering their teams. This gives the leader more time to tend to the business of leadership.


92% of respondents in an ROI study agreed that the insight, knowledge and skills gained as a result of LACMP played an integral role in their organization’s ability to meet mission goals. 


We have an entire catalogue of 1.5-2 hour virtual workshops and programs designed to be highly interactive, engaging and produce results.


Up to 93% of past participants indicate that even a year afterwards, they are not only remembering what they learned, but finding it helpful at work. 


A unique approach to optimizing team performance based on personal mastery.  Particularly relevant to high pressure, high stakes, high visibility environments.  

100% of participants say they use what theyʼve learned on a weekly, if not daily basis.

"It allowed me to face my challenges and be more assertive."

"It increased my self-awareness and how I can contribute solutions to the problem."


A proven approach to build leaders’ ability to create a culture of accountability, respect and inspiration while growing the capacity of the team to handle their own problems so that leaders can focus more on the bigger picture. 

- This is the first evaluation where I’ve ever marked all excellent!

This was really outstanding.  

- Best in class!


A unique approach to optimizing team performance based on personal mastery.  Particularly relevant to high pressure, high stakes, high visibility environments.  

- It allowed me to face my challenges and be more assertive. 

- It increased my self awareness and how I can contribute solutions to the problem.


Individual: The most effective form of training to take leaders to the next level. 

Team/Group: Enhancing overall team performance as well as individual performance.

Personal Mastery Circle: The best of coaching and tailored training combined into one.


We work with you and tailor our training to your needs. For example, we worked with an IT Department to teach them Systems Thinking concepts and practical applications thereof, which culminated in a published article. Recently, we did the same thing with a year long initiative called Find Your Why, connecting individuals and teams to their purpose.


Vision & Strategic Planning: An approach to visioning and strategic planning that not only creates an actionable plan at the tactical level, but that engages stakeholders and strengthens morale in the process.

Retreats: Way To Go works with you to provide a customized approach to meet your leadership and team retreat needs, with a focus on results in a relaxed, rejuvenating setting.

Meetings/Conferences: Enhance your key meetings and conferences by using skilled facilitators to open up frank and constructive dialogue.


Way to Go! inc. has a successful track record of its involvement in coaching programs.  A third party ROI study on the NSA coaching program reflected an annualized Return on Investment of 131%.  The NIH coaching program was the recipient of 2010 Prism Award, a prestigious recognition by the International Coaches Federation for outstanding coaching programs that produce significant business results.  Cynthia Way was the nominating coach and a member of the core coaching team.

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