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Way To Go! inc. is a boutique coaching firm, where we customize our offerings to meet your unique challenges, circumstances and culture.


A proven approach to build leaders’ ability to create a culture of accountability, respect and inspiration while growing the capacity of the team to handle their own problems so that leaders can focus more on the bigger picture. 

- This is the first evaluation where I’ve ever marked all excellent!

This was really outstanding.  

- Best in class!


A unique approach to optimizing team performance based on personal mastery.  Particularly relevant to high pressure, high stakes, high visibility environments.  

- It allowed me to face my challenges and be more assertive. 

- It increased my self awareness and how I can contribute solutions to the problem.


Individual: The most effective form of training to take leaders to the next level.  

Team/Group: Enhancing overall team performance as well as individual performance.

Personal Mastery Circle: The best of coaching and tailored training combined into one.


Off the Shelf or Customized and Tailored for you.

Sampling of our interactive, 90 minute virtual workshops:

Listen Up:  Listening and asking questions are something we do every day; in fact, that we've been doing all our lives.  Mostly, we don't think too much about it.  Yet this skill has the potential to change your life--and not just at work, but your personal life too.  In this experiential and fun workshop, you will experience this surprising fact firsthand.

Organizational Politics: Redefines the word “politics” and learn how to be more effective and strategic.

Leading Successfully in Permanent White Water: Learn to accept the reality of permanent complexity and change and create personal strategies for leading in your own “white water.”

Conversations & Confrontations: Gain new awareness and strategies for delivering a message clearly and succinctly while getting your point across, communicating in a way that facilitates rich and open dialogue and skillfully responding to conflict.


Vision & Strategic Planning: An approach to visioning and strategic planning that not only creates an actionable plan at the tactical level, but that engages stakeholders and strengthens morale in the process.

Retreats: Way To Go works with you to provide a customized approach to meet your leadership and team retreat needs, with a focus on results in a relaxed, rejuvenating setting.

Meetings/Conferences: Enhance your key meetings and conferences by using skilled facilitators to open up frank and constructive dialogue.


Over 85% of Team Survival Intensive and Leader as Coach graduates say they use what they’ve learned on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

Way to Go! inc. has a successful track record of its involvement in coaching programs.  A third party ROI study on the NSA coaching program reflected an annualized Return on Investment of 131%.  The NIH coaching program was the recipient of 2010 Prism Award, a prestigious recognition by the International Coaches Federation for outstanding coaching programs that produce significant business results.  Cynthia Way was the nominating coach and a member of the core coaching team.

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