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Finally, a training that really makes a lasting difference, both personally and professionally.” - Airbus Graduate

For the first time, our signature program, Leader as Coach Mastery Program (LACMP), is now available as a virtual program, 2 days a month for 3 months.

According to research, the single most important managerial competency that separates highly effective managers from average ones is coaching (HBR “You Can’t Be a Great Manager if You’re Not a Good Coach” 2013).

The Leader as Coach Mastery Program (LACMP) offered by Way To Go! Inc. (WTG) is a proven approach to build leaders’ ability to create a culture of accountability, engagement, ownership and well-being while growing the capacity of the team to handle their own problems so that leaders can focus more on the bigger picture.

This comprehensive program is grounded in neuroscience, systems thinking, emotional intelligence, and the latest evidence-based research. And we ground what you learn in real life scenarios, where you get coached by a certified professional coach on your coaching in live learning labs that are built into the training.

92% of respondents in an ROI study agreed that the insight, knowledge and skills gained as a result of LACMP played an integral role in their organization’s ability to meet mission goals.

In our program, you gain fresh eyes to look at your challenges differently. You also hone the skills to address these challenges through demos, mini-presentations, hands-on learning lab, and on-the-spot coaching.




Recent research suggests that virtual learning can be significantly more effective than in-person (NIH National Library of Medicine, Effective Learning in Virtual Conferences: The Application of Five Principles of Learning, 2022). Virtual learning was over 50% more effective than in-person learning at driving real behavioral change (Fast Company, This Strategy Can Impact an Entire Organization, Fast, 2022).

OUTCOME = Inspired High Performing Workforce

  • Increase Accountability

    • Confidently and effectively address poor performance and dysfunctional dynamics.

    • Skillfully give and receive feedback and support, consistent with existing Airbus models.

    • Use delegation as a developmental tool while achieving the results you want.

  • Increased Engagement

    • Create a positive, supportive and result-oriented culture.

    • Learn how skillful listening, questions and advice enhance communication.

    • Navigate emotionally charged conversations productively.

  • Increased Ownership

    • Keep the monkey off your back while building workforce capacity.

    • Create a culture of learning rather than blaming.

    • Balance firefighting and deadlines with strategic perspective.

  • Increased Well-Being

    • Focus on the business of leadership and refrain from the temptation to do it yourself.

    • By focusing on the solution vs the problem, everyone feels less stressed and more inspired.

    • By empowering your team, they experience more job satisfaction.

    • By increasing positive communication, it improves the overall morale of the team.


 (with Deborah & Shelley delivering for 2024)

Cynthia Way, MCC

Way To Go! Inc. Owner

& Co-creator of LACMP

  • 34 years of coaching and leadership experience

  • Award-winning company

  • 13 year career with the CIA

  • Served on the Board for the Society for Organizational Learning, the Big Big World Project

Deborah Reidy, PCC

Coach & Facilitator

& Co-creator of LACMP

  • 44 years of experience in leadership

  • Holds a MEd in Adult Education and a Certificate in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership

  • Author of Why Not Lead? book used as text in many leadership programs

Shelley Pernott, PCC

Coach & Facilitator

  • 25 years of leadership and coaching experience

  • Award-winning author of Running on Empty: The Irreverent Guru’s Guide to Filling up with Mindfulness

  • MBA in international business, CPA and a hatha yoga instructor

Selena Reames, PCC

Coach & Facilitator

  • Somatic practitioner, occupational therapist, and an ICF Professional Certified Coach trainer.

  • Trained extensively in human potential and development, meditation, bodywork, trauma and somatic healing modalities


Month 1:

Leader as Coach & Neuroscience Basics

Sep 26 & 27, 2024

9am - 4pm EST

  • Explore the neuroscience behind positive interactions to enhance team performance and relationships.

  • earn about different levels of listening and their impact as a way of improving communication and relationships

  • Understand the importance of asking questions to foster team capacity and buy-in, while addressing common communication pitfalls the power of beliefs in shaping actions and results, and providing strategies to break negative cycles and cultivate positive outcomes.

Month 2:

A Framework for Powerful Conversations

Oct 17 & 18, 2024

9am - 4pm EST

  • Learn a straightforward coaching conversation sequence designed to enhance leaders' abilities in asking impactful questions, fostering accountability, and guiding individuals towards identifying their own solutions and learning.

  • Discover the significance of crafting purpose statements to clarify intentions in sensitive conversations, enabling successful outcomes.

  • Learn techniques to shift from a culture of blaming to one of continuous improvement.

Month 3:

Strategies for Driving Accountability

Nov 14 & 15, 2024

9am - 4pm EST

  • Master the techniques to increase accountability and elevate delegation practices.

  • Learn to delegate effectively, ensuring tasks are understood and completed while developing their team's capabilities.

  • Offers brain-friendly protocols for conducting difficult conversations to strengthen relationships and resolve issues effectively.

  • Leverage systems thinking tools to shift from reactive to strategic thinking.

  • Intensive learning labs, allowing you to practice and integrate your skills.

Registration Fee: $5,000.00

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