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Way To Go! inc. coaching and consulting approach is highly experiential with transformative results, whether it’s working to prepare people being deployed to a hazardous duty location, a construction company wanting to top the competition, or a leader wanting to have a bigger impact. 


Way To Go! inc. has provided coaching and training to hundreds of mid-level and senior executives in the public, private and nonprofit sectors since 2001, including over 24 federal agencies.

Recent Clients:


Training: Provides a 2-3 month Leader as Coach Mastery Program to senior leaders.

Coaching" One of first U.S. coaches to provide coaching to Airbus Americas executives.

Team Alignment: Provided team alignment and team building for various leadership teams across Airbus Americas.


Training: On staff with the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) to provide leadership training around the world for World Bank Group managers.

Team Alignment: Provided team alignment and team building for various teams


Leading Change: Supported a major change initiative through targeted leadership coaching, team alignment coaching, leadership retreats and Leader as Coach to promote a culture of accountability, inspiration and respect while working in a fast paced, high stakes, high pressure environment.

Coaching: Provided individual and team executive coaching to several hundred mid and senior leaders.

Played a key role as senior coach/consultant on the pilot coaching program and helped shape the program, including the development of the coaching goals template, which traced client goals with OPM leadership competencies and strategic business objectives. A third party Return on Investment (ROI) study on this effort revealed an annualized ROI of 131%.

"Best in class. Well matched to understanding NSA issues.  Very empathetic and able to elicit thought."

"I would like to see this approach used as the basis of a full development program."

"Instructors were excellent, professional, and open."

"This is the first evaluation where I’ve ever marked all excellent! This was really outstanding."

Training: Custom designed and delivered an offering entitled "Team Survival Intensive” to work with people who were being deployed to a hazardous duty location in response to a potentially explosive team environment.  The program was a key factor in making a significant difference—the team environment went from hostile and divisive to positive and supportive.  This Intensive is now part of pre-deployment training.

"I learned good ways to calmly address concerns without ruffling people’s feathers."

Nearly 100% of graduates say they use what they’ve learned on a weekly if not daily basis.


Competitively selected to be part of a core team of Master Certified Coaches working with PBGC mid and executive level managers on Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) and other leadership competencies over six month periods.


Coaching Program: Provided executive coaching to mid and senior level leaders, starting with pilot program and continuing as program matured. 

The Clinical Center coaching program won the Prism Award for having an outstanding coaching program that produced significant business results. 

Training: Together with Senior Associate, Deborah Reidy, led three trainings including Organizational Politics, Leading Teams and Team Survival Intensive.

"I no longer dread the idea of coming to work because of changing my mindset in regard to my challenges at work. The challenges are still there but I am better equipped to handle them now."

Facilitation: Provided strategic planning facilitation using a cutting edge approach called social action research. Also facilitated a retreat to the CIO and his leadership team using an applied systems thinking approach. Click here for published article on this engagement and here for the Glossary.


(A commercial construction company)

Provided executive coaching to co-owner, engaged in strategic and tactical planning process.

"Life is easier not having to deal with some of the problems we used to have to deal with."


Provided executive coaching, ranging from a new manager to a newly promoted Senior Executive.

"In my first year as a member of the Senior Executive Service, I had to nurture about 30 executive relationships in a new administration, while completely transforming the purpose and structure of the 200 person organization I was leading. Cynthia's coaching was tremendously helpful and absolutely essential. I highly recommend having an executive leadership coach like Cynthia Way to increase your likelihood of success in the executive ranks of Federal Service, especially during the first year."

"Through Cynthia's coaching, I achieved my main goal of feeling more comfortable with conflict, and increasing my ability to deal with potentially conflictive situations. I appreciated the humor and lightness Cynthia brought to the coaching, while still being direct and holding me accountable. The coaching helped me achieve a strong foundation for my role as a new manager."



City of Hyattsville
Department of Defense
     National Security Agency
     US Air Force
     Aberdeen Proving Ground

Dept of Health & Human Services
     NIH Clinical Center
     Office of Inspector General
     SES CDP

Department of Homeland Security
Department of Transportation
Environmental Protection Agency



International Monetary Fund

Moore Enterprises

NeuroLeadership Institute

Patriot Contracting

Production Solutions


World Bank Group

Federal Communications Commission
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
General Services Administration
National Park Service
National Science Foundation
New England Tri-State Police Dept.

Office of Personnel Management
     Federal Executive Institute
     Eastern Mgt Dev Center
     Western Mgt Dev Center

Peace Corps

Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation

Social Security Administration


U.S. Dept of Agriculture

Forest Service







Veterans Affairs

Washington Headquarters Service



American Association for the Advancement of Science

Anacostia Trails Heritage Area

Darden MBA For Executives

National Children’s Center

Norwich University

University of Maryland

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