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Way To Go! inc. coaching and consulting approach is highly experiential with transformative results, whether it’s working to prepare people being deployed to a hazardous duty location, a construction company wanting to top the competition, a leader wanting to have a bigger impact, or a team wanting to resolve conflict and increase performance.


Way To Go! inc. has provided coaching and training to hundreds of mid-level and senior executives in the public, private and nonprofit sectors since 2001, including over 24 federal agencies.


"Thank you for the kind words! I was reluctant to open up fully at first but felt that I could trust you and finally did the right thing. Our very rich discussions have helped me big time in understanding perceptions from others and my own rections to certain triggers. The fact that you could relate them to proven models was so helpful in my understanding of myself and others reactions. 

Thanks again for the support Cynthia , you are one of the only non-family human being that has succeeded in cracking my shell open wide and it was very useful. "

Airbus Manager



City of Hyattsville
Department of Defense
     National Security Agency
     US Air Force
     Aberdeen Proving Ground

Dept of Health & Human Services
     NIH Clinical Center
     Office of Inspector General
     SES CDP

Department of Homeland Security
Department of Transportation
Environmental Protection Agency



International Monetary Fund

Moore Enterprises

NeuroLeadership Institute

Patriot Contracting

Production Solutions


World Bank Group

Federal Communications Commission
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
General Services Administration
National Park Service
National Science Foundation
New England Tri-State Police Dept.

Office of Personnel Management
     Federal Executive Institute
     Eastern Mgt Dev Center
     Western Mgt Dev Center

Peace Corps

Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation

Social Security Administration


U.S. Dept of Agriculture

Forest Service







Veterans Affairs

Washington Headquarters Service



American Association for the Advancement of Science

Anacostia Trails Heritage Area

Darden MBA For Executives

National Children’s Center

Norwich University

University of Maryland

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